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Sun, Mar. 4th, 2007, 01:32 am
swisscelt: Now what?

So now that EssJay has [apparently] left Wikipedia, and a cadre of administrators, stewards, and the like are doing their level best to sweep the whole incident under the rug, what's left to do? We're being told to discuss this on the Village Pump, but I see nothing there. On the Community Noticeboard, an ad hoc (and highly disorganized, IMO) discussion is brewing, but already people are calling for its closure.

I've said it before: This is serious. We can't just pretend that because this is happening on Teh Intrawebz it won't be taken seriously in the American media and, ultimately, American and other national societies. How Wikipedia deals with this is as crucial to the continuing survival of this enterprise as any corporate scandal was to their respective companies. It's time we ALL grew up: This is the real world, people.

Sun, Mar. 4th, 2007 09:03 am (UTC)

It's a disorganized, herd mentality style "cover-up" (using this a bit loosely) at that. Whenever something really stupid happens they always rush to come up with whatever excuses they can and then immediately declare "omg it's old news."

When Wales tried whitewashing his own Wikipedia article, tons of Wikipedians, especially more prominent ones, stepped in for damage control and defended him, even though this action would have been blanket-condemned had it been done by a non-prominent Wikipedian. In that case, Wales even tried disabling the "glamour photography" portion of his website completely so people couldn't find the soft porn pictures he had on it.

One would think that abuse of power by 'high ranking' Wikipedians would be taken more seriously. It isn't though, in large part because the higher up ones are a) religiously devoted to Wikipedia's greatness (cognitive dissonance) and b) very immature, especially when it comes to their authority.