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Sun, Oct. 20th, 2013, 10:25 pm
infrogmation: Is the PR Industry Buying Influence Over Wikipedia?

Article on Vice.com. Excerpt:

"We all know that Wikipedia can be subverted – it’s an inevitability of an open platform that some people will seek to abuse it, whether to gain some advantage or just for a laugh. Fortunately, the Wikipedia community has strong mechanisms in place to deal with this, from the famous cry of [citation needed] to the rigorous checks and standards put in place by its hierarchy of editors and admins.

"In recent months though, insiders have encountered something altogether more worrying: a concerted attack on the very fabric of Wikipedia by PR companies that have subverted the online encyclopaedia’s editing hierarchy to alter articles on a massive scale – perhaps tens of thousands of them. Wikipedia is the world’s most popular source of cultural, historical and scientific knowledge – if their fears are correct, it’s all-important credibility could be on the line.

"The king of these Wikipedia reputation managers is a company called Wiki-PR, who specialise in editing Wikipedia on behalf of their paying clients. The promise on their Twitter profile couldn’t be clearer: “We write it. We manage it. You never worry about Wikipedia again.“"

Is the PR Industry Buying Influence Over Wikipedia? article on Vice.com

Tue, Jan. 20th, 2015 09:18 pm (UTC)
eurasianlaura: Retarded Rhino and Rhino Retard are the New Year, 20ths? Michael Johns.

I guess tomorrow is not Happy New Year and Happy New Year's Eve anymore, Eve.